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Our services

We provide all financial services to our clients from workers and employees of companies and foreign companies that have clients to provide their services to their clients.

Company researches


We have development research, ideas and plans on providing payment service using the most popular and widely used tool
And also planning to make programs more easy to use
And also finding solutions to payment solutions.

Financial planning


Among our works are studies and consultations on the Money flow Planing for projects.

Business consulting


We have consultancy in  Money flow of Projects  and planning services for payment software development.



We have a money transfer service for workers and companies' employees according to the latest, fastest and most reliable means of sending money.



We have our own program as an accounting our Transactions
And also for our customers, which allows the customer to compare our services with the services of other companies
In terms of fees and exchange rates.

Business solutions


Provide money transfer
Providing payment services to companies in order to be able to provide their services to their customers.

Animated Exchange Rate
Nhran Global Financial Services Ltd., a trusted name in user verification, is proud to extend its industry-leading services to companies and entities seeking a seamless customer verification solution. Leveraging a custom-built platform developed to our exacting standards, Nhran empowers businesses to streamline their onboarding processes and ensure the highest level of customer legitimacy.



KYC – Identity Verification

Instant and accurate identity verification.

KYB – Business Verification

Verify Business Identities for Compliance

KYT – Transactions Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of transactions.

Passwordless Biometric Authentication



Certified Facial Recognition & Liveness

AML/PEP/Sanctions Screening

Screening for financial compliance.

Live View

Enhance your CCTV with realtime facial recognition capabilities.


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