Company Privacy Policy





Based on the instructions of the company’s compliance department and what it requires from the application of all the rules and regulations in force internationally and internally  According to the type of each activity of the company


The Compliance Department Decide the following :     


1-1 Any agreement or signing contracts or providing services for all activities in the company is made after reviewing the compliance department

of the company, A notification is issued by the Compliance Department of the completion and enforcement of the signature to the delegates,

representatives, branch managers, or those who have the authority to  sign from the company's management.

After review by the Compliance Department, and if it is compatible with international and local regulations and systems, the approval will be made, and the notification will be attached to the signature of the authority.

If the result of the compliance management review is that the result is not compatible with  international and internal regulations

and regulations, it will be rejected outright


1-2  contact with a company is communicated through the company’s email


1-3 The founder of the company and the general manager are addressed regarding the provision of the Company's Services 



For all the measures taken in this context to be clear, and for all our transactions to be clear by the international regulations and regulations and the ways of implementing them, as well as the internal, so that all transactions for all the company's activities are clear

Within the framework of integrity and measures that ensure the provision of the company's activities within  systems internationally and internally

And whoever wishes to deal with the company, accordingly we can provide any service activity for the company

Otherwise, it is not allowed at all




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